How to change ng-click when the primary button is clicked

I am currently working on a design, where I need to provide a new GET request, whenever the below buttons for day, week, month and year is clicked.

For ex: it Euro button is active, I need to provide euro details for day, week, month and year and if kwh button is active, i need to provide, kwh details for day, week month and year.

Currently, In my code, i can only provide one request per button.

     `<div class="col col-offset-10" style="">
              <button class="calendar-button-day" id="dailyTab_btn" ng-click="activeButton = 'daily';daily()" ng-class="{ active: activeButton === 'daily' }">
                 <img  class="calendar-image-day" src="img/electricity_lanscape_calendar.png"> 
                 <div class="consumption-calendar-day" >
                    <h2>{{date | date:'d'}}</h2>
           <div class="col col-offset-10">
              <button class="calendar-button-week" id="weeklyTab_btn" ng-click="activeButton = 'weekly';weekly()" ng-class="{ 'active': activeButton === 'weekly' }">
                 <img  class="calendar-image-week" src="img/electricity_lanscape_calendar.png"  > 
                 <div class="consumption-calendar-weekly" >
                    <div id="weekNo" class="week-number"></div>

How to provide multiple ng-clicks on same button? I looked into ng-model examples for were no help.