How to change css for ion-range?

For some reason, I need to change CSS file under node_modules@ionic\core\dist\collection\components\range, but after I modify it , how can I take it affect?

My requirment is : I want to put ion-range on the UI, but I don’t want to the track receiving any event to change to range value, I just want to the knob to receive the event to change it.

1.I tried to google , looks like there is no such property on ion-range to do it.

  1. I tried to add .range-slider{pointer-events: none;} & .range-knob-handle{pointer-events: auto !important;} in my page scss, but in ionic 4, it using shadow dom for web component , so it does not work as well.

  2. finally I tried to change the css file under ode_modules@ionic\core\dist\collection\components\range, but how let my app to use the modified css file?

Any suggestion I am appreciated, thanks.