How to call JSON data "@"


Hi , my url json is @_____ ,but i can’t to call this. how to get it ?
thanks you for your answers.

  "    RESULT":{
          "FACET":[{ "@NAME" : "creator", "@COUNT" : "20",
              "@KEY":"Book Company1",
              "@KEY":"Book Company1์",


            .subscribe(data =>{
            } );


    <ion-item *ngFor="let item of items" (click)="itemClicked($event,item)">
      <h2>{{item.@KEY}}</h2> /////this error 
      <p>{{item.@VALUE}}</p> /////this error 
      <button ion-button clear item-right (click)="buttonClick($event)">View</button>


i can did it!

change {{item.@KEY}} to item["@KEY"]


Perhaps it would be easier to write templates if you transcoded this rather unusual JSON into something more intuitive, perhaps as a postprocessing step in your backend API communication service. This might also help with your other problem.