How to build .ipa file in ionic package without security profile?


I have a ionic app.
I am developer linux.
I want to build only .ipa file without security profile .
not need to deploy to apple store.
I need only .ipa file.
how to do with ionic package ?


I’m not sure ionic package provides an option for this.
If the eventuality of what you’re trying to achieve is to have a deployable app via the App Store, why not make use of a provisioning profile?

The option of course is to use Ionic View.


I want to test my app in ios and not deploy in app store


You still need to have a provisioning profile from journalist Apple Developer account but you don’t have to give your app to Apple to test.

If you create your provisioning profile following instructions given from ionic (and yes they work on Linux).

Once you have your ipa file you can use the diawi service to deploy to your phone.

Or like I said before, use Ionic View.