How to build Ionic apk in school environment?

Hi all devs

The question is simple: I would like to teach Ionic in high school; it will be very interesting if my students could build their own mobile app. How can we build final Ionic android APK file? Suppose that npm, ionic cli, cordova install and configuration is not the right way (in school environment).

So, is there any solution (cloud, SW, service) possible to use for building android apps?


Look at Ionic’s Build system:

or PhoneGap Build:

as a solution to creating your apps.

Thank you!

It seems that the first option requires Ionic CLI installed - not sure if our admin approves it.
The second one seems to be “remote solution”, ok, i have to look at deeply.

You are still going to need the Ionic CLI to be installed with either solution.

To create, develop and test ionic app in browser - NOT. I can use NetBeans, create a new project, include Ionic CSS and JS manually without Ionic installed.

Anybody knows ho to build Ionic android APK file?

Any way to build Ionic app for Android remotly, without local instalation? It is for my students…


You can setup the environment in some remote server, and create FTP/ssh account for each student.