How to approach: Incremental conversion of aOS/iOS native Apps to Capacitor

I have two larger native apps, with similar content, for iOS and Android OS (around 50 Screens -Activities/ViewControllers). I want two convert these to one code base using capacitor, creating a hybrid web app in the long run.

  1. Can I start by just replacing one or two Activities/ViewControllers in the native Apps? And incrementally replace all one by one? Or
  2. Do I have to replace everything at once? Which is kind of a lot of work, because of all the dependencies to the native libs/frameworks (for instance for testing, dependency injection RxSwift/RxJava etc. )

In case incrementally replacing the screens one by one, “How would that technically work?”. I can’t seem to find a fitting documentation here on this side ( or I just did not understood the “buzzwords” correctly.

Any hint is appreciated,