How to apply activated class on divs with on-tap and on-hold directives?

I have divs that use the on-tap and on-hold directives, and I would like them to have the activated class applied to them while they are being tapped. Here is my HTML:

<div ng-repeat="bundle in searchResults track by $index | orderBy:attributes.timestamp:reverse">
       <div on-tap="viewBundle($index)" on-hold="openBundleModal($index, bundle)" style="background-image: url('{{bundle.firstThumb}}');" class="item {{bundle.attributes.tagged | paintUntagged}}">
           <div class="bundleCount"><p>{{bundle.URLcount}}</p></div>

I tried converting this to an tag wrapping a div, and the activated class gets applied properly, but my on-tap and on-hold directives no longer work.

Any thoughts?


Have you found a solution to your problem ? I’m in the same situation.

Thanx for your help.