How to add social sharing of products

@thesourav Can u please help me to add socialsharing & Product zoom in the existing ionic project.

sure. whats the issue you are facing

How to implement i added the button but its not working. Can u guide me a little?

Have you installed the plugins? What error are you getting?

its woocommerce app and in product page i want to show share button. So kindly guide me how to do that

i installed the plugin

now do i need to paste button onclick=“window.plugins.socialsharing.shareViaWhatsApp(‘Message via WhatsApp’, null /* img /, null / url */, function() {console.log(‘share ok’)}, function(errormsg){alert(errormsg)})”>msg via WhatsApp (with errcallback)</button this in product page?

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Yes. You need to trigger the respective sharing platform to make it work. I normally do it in the controller

you can also use ngCordova

and then insert the button on product page??

yes…you are correct