How to add sender name in ionic-native/sms

When I use this

for sending sms. In sender option my number is shown. Instead of my number i set another number with name.
How can i do this ?

Hey, @Ayesha can you provide at least some of your code?

yes. Here is my code

 <button ion-button round outline color="primary" (click)="signup()"  style=" margin: 0 auto; display:block"  >Sign Up</button> 

// Send a text message using default options
this.smsVar.send(, ‘Hello world!’).then((res)=>

Hey, @Ayesha
Here’s some code that I’ve just written it from here.

phoneNum: number;
textMsg: string;
constructor(private sms: SMS) { }

async sendTextMessage() {
  try {
    await this.sms.send(String(this.phoneNum), this.textMsg); 
    // Notify something to users.
  } catch (err) { // handle error here. }
  <ion-label> Phone Number </ion-label>
  <ion-input [(ngModel)]="phoneNum" type="tel">
  <ion-label> Message </ion-label>
  <ion-input [(ngModel)]="textMsg" type="text">
<button ion-button ion-left item-right (click)="sendTextMessage()"</button>

Hope this code helps, and please mark a solved button if this is what you want. So that other could get some help from this thread too.

By using this code In sender option I get the number of phone in which app is installed. I want to set the sender number of mine not the app user phone number

Do you want to test with some random numbers? Then probably you need to use some kind of API like Twilio to make it happen.

I want to make a gmail app type verifciation while registering. The app user get the verification code while he will registering

Do you use firebase?
Lack of given information doesn’t really help much. :frowning:

no I don’t use firebase. I want to add the feature of verification sms in my app. For this purpose i found ionic sms plugin. I am a beginner and don’t have any idea how can i add this feature

I strongly recommend using firebase. It reduces your development time.
I hope this link gives you some idea how to implement things as you wish.

there is an error of hostname match not found occur