How to add new page with Tabs controller


I might be missing something here, but i created a Tabs controller with 3 tabs (Bookmark, Search, Home). How can i add a new page with the tabs controller on the bottom side, basically i want every page on my apps has this tabs controller on the bottom and only the Home page doesn’t have it.

I’ve been searching on how to do it, but couldn’t find it. Or is this something unusual ?

Thank you

Please use the internal support that is part of creator

Can the results be posted though, because other users might want the same fix.

Please do add this. Would be useful.

Seems like all you have to do is make sure it is somehow linked to a page that is on one of the tabs. FOr example, if you have a tab that says “Clients” and a page that says “Client”. All you have to do is link to Client from one of the list-items on the Clients page and Client will automatically be added to the tabscontroller and have the tabs on the bottom. Sometimes the link gets broken, and all I did was unlink the Client page, linked another random page, and then re-link the Client page and it was back on.

Hope this helps