How to add multiple css IcoMoon to ion-tab

I have imported a new icon via IcoMoon to create a new SVG css. I would like to include this new icon on my ion-tab. The problem is that the icon-tab is asking for 1 css and what I have from IcoMoon now is multiple css like the following:

    <div class="glyph fs1">
        <div class="clearfix bshadow0 pbs">
            <span class="icon-myiconsample">
                <span class="path1"></span><span class="path2"></span><span class="path3"></span><span class="path4"></span><span class="path5"></span>

So how can I add that into the following ion-tab?

<ion-tab title="MySample" icon-off="icon-myiconsample" icon-on="icon-myiconsample" href="..."><ion-nav-view name="t-sample"></ion-nav-view></ion-tab>

I tried adding the entire div inside ion-tab but that didn’t do anything, thanks a lot.