How to add google-services.json file in angularjs and cordova project?


I have an app that I am developing in angularjs with cord and I’m using google the login plugin has begotten the key SSH1 google for my console app in google and I downloaded google-services.json file but now I do not know as do the rest for throughout the work because the login did not bring me to this user information must be for lack of this setting.

.controller('LoginGoogle', function($http, $scope, sessionService, $ionicLoading) {
  // This method is executed when the user press the "Sign in with Google" button
  $scope.googleSignIn = function() {
      template: 'Aguarde...'
        function (obj) {

          userInfo = {
                user_id: obj.userId,
                nome: obj.displayName,
                user_foto: obj.imageUrl,
                //user_slug: data.user_slug



            window.location = "#/app/home"
        function (msg) {
          alert('error: ' + msg);