How to add dollar symbol before the digits

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I want to add $ symbol in front of 10 instead of under
The result should be “under $10” Please assist.

Do you use Ionic Angular?

yes . using ionic 3 . typescript too

{{ ‘’ | translate }}

${{ job?.rate?.replace(’-’,’-$’)}}

this is the code written.

Try to keep HTML out of controllers and JavaScript out of templates. I would format the string exactly as you want to display it in the controller:

interface WiredJob {
// whatever goes here

interface Job extends WiredJob {
  displayRate: string;

  .pipe(jobs => => this.unwireJob(job)))
  .subscribe(jobs => = jobs);

unwireJob(wired: WiredJob): Job {
  let rv: Partial<Job> = wired;
  rv.displayRate = /* do your magic here */;
  return rv as Job;

Then the template can be much cleaner: {{job.displayRate}}.