How to add button to item-input and make it work?

Just similar to the question raised in this post: Button next to an input not clickable.

I’d like items of whole list to be consistent so wouldn’t prefer use ‘item-input-inset’. Just as codepen below.

Any suggestion?

Again, as I stated in the original post, this does seem to be an issue.

Meaning we need to fix the issue on ionic’s side of things.

Yes, I agreed and submit one ticket as you suggested.

But I created this post for another reason because I didn’t expect to use ‘item-input-inset’ to keep consistent look and feel for all items in the list. I suppose it’s another issue. :slight_smile:

You could check my codepen link for detail.

<div class='list'>
            <label class='item item-input'>
              <span class='input-label'>Barcode</span>
              <input type='text' ng-model='barcode'>
              <button class='button button-small button-positive' ng-click='scan()'>Scan</button>
            <label class='item item-input'>
              <span class='input-label'>Color</span>
              <input type='text' ng-model='color'>