How to accomplish instagram-like center tab behaviour

I want to create a simple tab view application but with one key difference. The middle button needs to open a view where there is no “tabBar” and it has to have a close button up top that will return you to your previous tab. I found that the perfect solution would have been if I could click on the tab-button in the middle and instead of opening a tab it would shows a modal, but I can not figure out how to do just that. To give an example of what I want to accomplish you can take a look at Instagram’s “take a photo button”.

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You can both hide the tabs bar or emulate it, in order to have the tabs without the logic tabs. Check the second section in this pen, tabs are emulated.


You can also check this pen I just made: Instagram-like Tabs Example
Just for the layout, not for the logic.

I had a same requirement like this post.
I added ng-click action to center tab for opening modal window but when I close it, tabs try to show a view for center tab. (If you don’t assign any view for it, it will be black screen).

I also tried to overlay a transparent button on center tab, but it didn’t appear.

Did you get a solution for this post?