How to access the Device Settings

Now I currently using Social Sharing plugins from ngCordova. Then I already implement the share via facebook/twitter function. The Social Sharing plugin provides a shareViaTwitter/shareViaFacebook method. The method will retrieve the facebook/twitter account from device. If it not found any account setup in device’s settings it will show confirm message with ‘Settings’ and ‘Cancel’ button. When I click the ‘Settings’ button nothing happened. In the Social Sharing plugin itself we cannot track which button that we clicked. In the error call back method it will only return false no matter which button you clicked.

So I have to check is the device have any facebook/twitter account in the device setting or not through the canSharVia method. It works just fine. My question is when the canSharVia method founded that there are no facebook/twitter account in the device setting, how to redirect user from our apps to the device’s settings. Any cordova plugin provided, Any snipped code or example, would be very appriciated.

Sorry for the long explanation.

I just found that this happen only in the simulator, it work just fine in the real device.

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