How i control banner click in ionic 3


hello, i want to open different pages on click of diffrent slides of banner. How should i achieve this ?


provide more details, well use click or tap like (click)=“yourPage” / (tap)=“yourPage”.


<div *ngIf=“banners && banners.length” >

<ion-slides autoplay=“1500” loop=“true” pager=“true” paginationType=“bullets” effect=“slide” speed=“1000” >

<ion-slide style=“color:white” *ngFor=“let item of banners” >

<img src=“{{item.image_url}}” onError=“this.src=’./assets/imgs/noproductimage.jpg’;”

style=“max-width: 100%;height: auto;” (click)=“bannerClick(item.open_page_type)”>




i have this code for banners . all banners are in an array with image name and some value i open the new page on click based on the condition and if i set loop = true and click on the slides all slides starts comes 2 times


you are getting data in slides from api or page.ts file?


getting data from api