How I can save the value of ng-include and use later


Hi, I am blocked and can not be as follow, to see if someone could help me … (sorry for my bad English and my explanation).

I have this pen where I have an input to insert a value or load default. NgStorage I use to store the value in memory if the app is reloaded and always load the user types in the input (localStorage).

After I have a dropdown where I choose one of the two numbers that charged me one of two templates that I have created (or template1 template2) in the following div.

Far right, but now I would like to save that result in any way for the next div (red border) perform a simple arithmetic operation as chosen above using a scope variable declared in the driver from the start.

Any help please?

Here my pen (I use ionic):

Thank you!


Solution with results in scope: :slight_smile: