How get a trigger on tab in tab?

Hello there,
My app is made with a bottom navigation (*TAB A). In a tab of the bottom navigation, I have a subview wich has another tab element (*TAB B).
When in TAB A I have the view with TAB B open, if I navigate in another tab of TAB A and then back to the TAB B page, I want to reload my data (fetched from Storage).
I’ve tried to use ionViewWillEnter() and ionViewDidEnter() but both aren’t called on the subtab view (not sure if this is intended or a bug). Also, I cannot figure out to get the selected tab object, I can only get the selected TAB object but not the real class (say for example HomePageTab).
So my question is: how can I reload the data in TAB B when TAB A it’s selected from TAB B?

Hi, @federicoponzi

Add some code snippet so that it can be more understandable

In the attached screen, I have a tab inside a tab.
When I press on “My QR Code”, and press again Home, I want to reload the data of the view (which is stored in Storage).

Hi, @federicoponzi

Add your code inside the ionViewWillEnter() function

Hello, thanks for the suggestion! As I wrote in the original post:

I am also not sure, you got my suggestion of putting code instead of screenshot

You’re right, but I’m too noob to provide a full working self-contained code :frowning: