How does ion-slides work on 1.2.4 (Or does it work for 1.2.4?)

I haven’t found a document online for 1.2.4 on ion-slides. Best I can find is this nightly version:ion-slides - Directive in module ionic - Ionic Framework
I added the html in the page to my template and the following to my controller, which was also found in the doc

$scope.options = {
loop: false,
effect: fade,
speed: 500,
$ = {};
$scope.$watch(‘data.slider’, function(nv, ov) {
$scope.slider = $;

However it doesn’t display the result as described in the page. Basically it says this error and does nothing.

ReferenceError: fade is not defined
at new (controllers.js:22)
at invoke (ionic.bundle.js:17762)
at Object.instantiate (ionic.bundle.js:17770)
at ionic.bundle.js:22326
at self.appendViewElement (ionic.bundle.js:56883)
at Object.switcher.render (ionic.bundle.js:54995)
at Object.switcher.init (ionic.bundle.js:54915)
at self.render (ionic.bundle.js:56743)
at self.register (ionic.bundle.js:56701)
at updateView (ionic.bundle.js:62357)

I have also tried the 1.2.1 doc, neither does that one work. Doesn’t anyone have a working example?

I’m also having this exact same problem Would anybody out there have a solution please?

I had that same issue.

Try this to set it in this way with “’” single quotation marks:

$scope.options = {
loop: false,
effect: ‘fade’,
speed: 500,

Works for me that way.

and maybe remove the , after speed: 500