How do you override lazy linked pages?

I have developed an app (App A) using Ionic 3. This app is and will be continuously updated. I need to create another app (App B), using App A as a base, however there will be slight differences and features added onto it.

Whenever bug fixes or features are implemented in App A, these will need to be added to App B, without overriding any of App B’s features.

The easiest way of managing I thought would be to manually overwrite folders and extend existing files. To do this, I was planning on cloning App A. Then creating a separate folder (Extension) in “src” that would contain files specific to App B. This folder in particular contains folders such as pages, providers, components… etc…

The issue I have is that some components or pages will need to be extended in App B. Currently they are all lazy-loaded. If I have a page called “ContactListPage” already, but want to use the page called “ContactListPage” in the “Extension” folder, what is the best way to achieve this? So that when “ContactListPage” is requested in App B, it will go to the page within the App B Extension folder.

I have been looking into configuring the deeplinks in Ionic as a way around this, but I am not sure if this is possible or not. If anyone has any advice on how to resolve this or any ideas on how to improve the plan I’m trying to implement, please reply.


In the end I didn’t use this route.

Instead I have both projects on my machine. I created a .command script that when ran overwrites the core contents of AppB from AppA. So each time an update is made to AppA I run the script.