How do you improve your UI? (performance, datepicker...)


I would like to know how do you improve your Ionic app?
Like, the native datepicker is not very advanced.
But there are alternatives like:

And so on…
You can reply to this post but my plan is to bring these together in one place.
If you have any idea what would be the best place (github page, google doc, complete new website) please tell me.


I’ve made a starter app that addressed a number of issues which were bothering me:

I think such a Github repo with a starter app is a good way.

However I see that the issues that are important to you are totally different than the issues that bothered me.
I’m interested in Crosswalk but I don’t care about the other 2 items.

Probably the same story for you, the issues that were important to me aren’t as important to you.

Admittedly that’s the weak point of these starter apps, there are dozens of them and they’re all addressing different issues, and there’s no easy way to cherrypick stuff.

They’re supposed to be generic but in fact they cater to personal gripes and preferences. And of course every dev likes to start their own open source project.

Another avenue might be the Ionic Market (I’ve visited it a few times and took some useful components from there). So, I suppose ultimately the answer is “components” (Angular/Ionic directives).


really cool!
You implemented a lot what the normal ionic starter app is missing.
I will definitely use some stuff from that.

Personally I don’t like it to just use a starter app from someone else but it`s a great reference.

What I`m more missing are advanced UI components I think.

BTW: This is also a great list: but last updated in May


Hey thanks a lot, glad you like it!

Yes you are right, I didn’t pay that much attention to advanced UI components. My main focus was on project structure and file naming conventions, and on a better gulp file (for production builds).

Indeed my focus was on providing stuff which Ionic’s starter apps are missing … they are just too simplistic to be useful as a starter for “real” apps.

There are some other improvements in there, the README gives a good overview.

I do have plans to add more features, for instance image manipulation (camera, cropping, upload to Amazon S3), stuff like that, functionality which people often need in their apps.

What I’d really like is some kind of “module” or “plugin” system so that you can easily drop in complete functional modules into an app (for instance let’s say an image manipulation and storage module).

However I’m rather busy with building some client apps so I can’t spend much time on the starter app right now.

Yes I know that resources list, it’s a great list indeed.

Something else I came across which looks very interesting is this project:

AllcountJS framework - build an Ionic app and backend in less than an hour

This is suitable for enterprisey-kind of apps with lots of data entry and forms and such.

If you’re focus is more on consumer or maybe even gaming then integrating with Ionic might be interesting:

Just some random thoughts and stuff I came across on Ionic and improving/extending it.