How do you build Package native binary in ionic pro (free)?

How do you build Package native binary in ionic pro (free)?.. I’m trying to package a native binary (Android) for my Ionic App using Ionic Pro (Free), but I got Upgrade to Pro message…!

here is snapshot

any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Looking at you don’t. “Package dev & prod apps” is only added with the cheapest, “Developer” package. (That used to be different, which is why you find some posts discussing Package with free accounts)

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thanks @Sujan12
I have look at pricing section & I am planning to purchase developer package,but I have not found some information like how many app will allow to create in this package.& also tell me whats the exactly meaning of Deploy for 20 active users?


I can’t do the selling for Ionic, there is a “Drop us a line” link below the headline on the pricing page. You should really talk to them.


  • As far as I know “Unlimited apps” for all packages as described under “Every plan comes with”
  • “Deploy” is described here:; 20 users would mean that you can do that for 20 users per month.

I had to upgrade to Pro Paid version for this. :frowning: