How do you add a *dynamic/new/updated* route to React IonRouterOutlet after auth load ionic v5

What am I trying to accomplish?
I would like the path /user/${} to go to one IonPage
and /user/:userId to go a different IonPage.

The point being that I want ion router to cache its own instance of the loggedInUsers page while still using the same route matching strategy.

The problem is that because I don’t know what the loggedInUsers ID is until AFTER the router has been instantiated, I cannot dynamically add that route to the router. I am stuck because IonRouter works slightly differently here than react-router does. So how do I update the router routes config to include a priority route specifically for /user/${} after the auth has loaded?

I am using React Ionic v5.

Nevermind i figured it out. It was buggy when doing if statements in line. You have to update a variable that is an array of routes.