How do we bind values to <ion-select>

i have bind the values through formController but it’s not bind the correctly,
this is how i bind the values on .ts file
this.rental.setValue(scheme, { emitEvent: false, onlySelf: true });

this is the relevent html

              <ion-label position="floating"> SCHEME</ion-label>
              <ion-select placeholder="Select" formControlName="rental" interface="popover">
                <ion-select-option *ngFor="let scheme of product" [value]="scheme">
                  <p class="color-gray font-12 text-align-right bold">

product is object array

What happens if you take the second parameter completely out of the setValue call?

Same problem happen,when it was removed, the second parameter does is stop emitting when changes happen

OK, then for me to go further, I need to understand what you mean by:

…and I don’t think just English prose is going to work very well for that, because what’s probably totally obvious inside your head isn’t at all clear in mine. So can you describe in terms like “I do action X, expect consequence Y, but instead get consequence Z” what is not “correct”?