How do show swipe-card using button

Hi all,

I am writing a social app facebook-like,

On my feed screen i using layout:

Now, how do click on “comment button” to show swipe-card.

Example: <a ng-click="openCommentSwipeCard()" class="tab-item" href="javascript:void(0)"><i class="icon ion-chatbox"></i> Comment </a>

$scope.openCommentSwipeCard = function(){

Thank you so much!

Why don’t you just use a modal to show the comments? Here is the documentation for that.

@maximilian I have tried modal, working for me, but this is my customer want show as swipe-card

Thank you!

Well then I’d suggest reading the code here. The code contains functions that dynamically show new swipe-cards. Just take a look at the lib code. Then take a look at app.js to see how that is integrated. Or did you already try that and there’s another problem?

@maximilian can you for me a example?

@Calendee , @mhartington :slight_smile: any solutions for my problem?

@maximilian I use swipe-card inside modal, pertty well :smile: