How do I use “ionic login” with my linked Bitbucket account?

I’m trying to set up AppFlow from Ionic:

Step 1 in the docs is to set up a linked repository. My repository sits in Bitbucket - so my Ionic identity is linked to my Bitbucket account.

Once you log in to the Ionic Hub, the first thing you need to do is link your existing app to the Ionic Hub. Run the cli in the folder of your app:

ionic link

Then you will be asked to sign in via the CLI. The CLI asks for a username and password. But it doesn’t recognise my Bitbucket credentials. How do I get past this step?

My guess is that your Ionic CLI needs to be updated to the latest version:

npm install -g @ionic/cli

Once that is, run ionic login and you should see a prompt to “Open the browser to log into your Ionic account?” A yes answer will open the browser - then you can choose Bitbucket.

this is what I get after updating the CLI. Same behaviour as before. The credentials I tried with that were successful was a test account I made unlinked to my Bitbucket account. Using the Bitbucket credentials brings up the error. How do I get the CLI to redirect me to a browser?

Did you ever manage to fix this? I am facing the same problem signing in using my GitHub account.

I managed to do it all on the dashboard itself.

Under settings there is a Git section.