How do I switch from PRO ionicCreator plan back to free DEV plan?



This is really annoying: I singed up for the PRO ionicCreator plan, and now I want to switch back to the free DEV plan, but the the option is not available. I made sure I deleted all the cloud projects — still no downgrading is possible.

I tried the chat on but nobody replies.

What is going on?

I wrote a couple of emails to support but so far no reply either.

Any pointers?


Any response to this? I am in same situation.



Sorry, our support person has been out on maternity leave!

Could you both DM me your emails, and I’ll pass them along to our support team.
We’ll get this taken care of.


Eventually I got a reply with a confirmation of the downgrade to the free account.

Unless something changed in the last several weeks there is no way to change your plan via the web interface, as well as there is NO OPTION to remove your payment info from the account.


Same situation here, I´ve sent email to support but no response, who should I reach to end this?


I am in same situation. I can not delete account. Any response to this?


I am in the same situation also. I want to cancel since i didn’t end up using this service. It’s particularly shady not providing a cancel option when the site clearly states “You can cancel at any time in the billing section of the Dashboard. Once you cancel your account, you will not be charged again”. I’ve send a message to and waiting their action.


I was in the same situation. I send a message to and they replied within a day. Hope they will implement this downgrading feature soon. :slight_smile:


Very disappointing - it says quite clearly that you can cancel anytime through the Billing section of the dashboard. Cancelling my account now.

Can I cancel at any time?
Of course. There are no obligations or contracts. You can cancel at any time in the billing section of the Dashboard. Once you cancel your account, you will not be charged again.


Can someone tell me where in the billing section this cancel option button is located?


you can’t back to free plan until delete all project.


Hi Mr Mike Hartington.

Please let me know if my subscription to pro plan is cancelled this month, just want to make sure.

i been charge for 2 month June and july without any use and changes.

please consider my request.


Hello Sir Please i accidentally updated my CARD and from my card Debited RS 3277.93 from my account , please i dont want to use pro plan , can you please revert my money to my account , you can also deactivate my account , i am waiting for you best replay . Regards Amit M Chauhan

Hello Sir , Please Can You Revert My Money To MY Account , I am new to Ionic ,before i am just using the trial plan to learn ionic , when my trial plan is over they said that “Please Update your Card to access to Creator Project” so i just updated My Card when that time i don’t get any verification , they just debited my money without any kind of verification so , How’s This possible ? can you please take action on these ??? i am Waiting For Your Fast Reply


getting the same issue please help !


Then this is what you are looking for:
Use that link to send Ionic team an email.