How do I stop the navbar from disappearing when I click the back button on iOS using Ionic 2?


Can you help me with this error?


Could you please share some of your code over here? Little bit hard to tell based on that vid only.


It’s a pretty standard list with a link to a specific item. I haven’t implemented much custom code except for the background image in the top part of the item.

<ion-item *ngFor="let item of items" (click)="itemTapped($event, item)">
    <ion-avatar item-left>
      <img src="{{ item.imgpath }}">
    <h2>{{ item.title }}</h2>
    <p>{{ item.category }}</p>

Here is the single-item file:

<!-- Header content with background -->
<div class="header text-center">


  <!-- Item title -->
  <h3 class="headline">
    {{ item.title }}
  <!-- End of Item title -->


  <!-- Item Category -->
  <a class="btn__line__square__white">
    {{ item.category }}
  <!-- End of Item Category -->


<!-- End of Header Content -->

<!-- Content Description -->
<div class="item__content">
  <p padding>
    {{ item.description }}
<!-- End of Content Description -->


The background-image could be the culprit though. Since it seems you’re pushing it underneath the navbar. What happens if you don’t pull that background-image up or if you don’t add it all?


Thanks for your input. You are right about the background image. I applied it to a class I named header, which also existed in the navbar on iOS. Once I renamed the class the problem disappeared. Apparently that class was just visible during the animation.