How do I start a vanilla javascript app in ionic 4 Beta

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I’ve waited over a year so that I could use ionic without any framework other than javascript. I want to use it with html5,css, and javascript. I don’t want to use it with Angular. So, I downloaded the Beta today. I followed the cli install procedure…and ended up with an angular sample app.

I tried using “$ ionic start myApp tabs --type=javascript” (gave me an error)
I tried using no type in the cli. Just created a blank app (gave me angular)

Can someone give me a knowledge link or share the process for installing without Angular. I just want to use javascript, html5, and css.


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The simplest way is just adding this to your html:

<script src=""></script>


You might also be interested in the Ionic PWA toolkit, which uses Ionic 4 beta and Stencil but no Angular.

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Hey, Thanks. I don’t want to use CDN. I need the framework to be installed on my client side. I did read the CDN docs. I’d like to use html5 and just reference the needed files. Is that possible?

I’ll look at Stencil but that didn’t work for me when I tried it once before. I’m an indy developer. I’m not a great coder so I need to use something that I can understand and not have to go through a year’s learning process to achieve. My goal is to re-write an esoteric app that I originally wrote in jquery-mobile. I still like that framework for ease of use but it isn’t supported now and is slow as well as using an outdated ui.

Thanks again for giving me the information and trying to help out.

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Similar question asked again here: How to use Vanilla Javascript with ionic4/Cordova App

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