How do i remove the white space to the right of a list?



I have a list that has a right aligned badge, there are no icons on the list but there is a gap to the right that looks to be a placeholder for an icon. Is there any way to tell the item not to leave space for an icon?


Hm, I’m having a hard time understanding what you mean. Can you put together a codepen demo to illustrate what you mean?


sorry - a very poor description! I have attached a screenshot that should show it clearly - there is a big gap on the right hand side - assume this is where an icon is meant to go - but i don’t want one so can i remove the padding?


Is this a ng-repeat or is it a collection? If it’s a collection are you specifying width of 100?


its an ng-repeat of within an - looking at generated html it has left padding of 15px & right padding of 45px - I can override this of course but wondered why its there and if there is an existing way to remove the padding


You can use a combination of ng-ifs and ng-class to dynamically apply the classes you need for the content. Can you post your markup? I can throw it in a demo to show you what I mean


Thanks, I have done exactly that, not pretty but serves its purpose.