How do I manage having to different app.ts templateURLs, one for public and one for private(auth)?

When a user first comes to the app they can sign up or login. Once they have logged in, the navigation scheme is different. How do I best handle this?

You say “app.ts” but posted in the Ionic 1 forum. What version are you using?

In general, the app.ts template should only ever be one html file.
In general, what you should be doing is just loading different components as the root depending if they’re logged in our not.

I’m seriously struggling with this. The public root is easy, it’s just a page with links for login and sign up. For the protected though I want it to have a typical left side menu, and load a slider. So then when a user logs in, what is loaded to hold this ‘main’ root navigation? A @page, @app, or a custom @component?