How do I increase the "<ion-segment-button>" active segment border width in Ionic segment?

Hi, I’m creating a segment tabs for one of my apps. I’m unable to increase the active segment indicator height.
I tried with --indicator-height but still the height is not changing.
I tried with custom class for <ion-segment-button> but still it doesn’t get applied.

Any help would be appreciated. I have been trying it since past 5 hours now, no solution discovered yet.

Seems to work fine here.

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Hi Mike, I have tried this. I am using v4 of Ionic, it doesnt work there. Where as I have another app where I run with v5 and Segment Tabs when altered with --indicator-height works fine.
So is there an alternative solution for this where I can override the style?

Hi Mike, is the Scollable Segment example here working properly? I am having trouble seeing a difference between Scrollable and non-scrollable?

@mhartington, or anyone please help with this. My designer is not allowing me to keep the selected tab border to be so thin.

can you make a simple demo of this? It’s a bit hard to know what doesn’t work without it