How do I get the plist file from the in cloud iOS build?

I’ve built an app on a windows machine and I don’t have access to a mac for doing work directly in xcode. I was hoping to rely on the cloud builds of the app to get my plist and ipa files for delivery of my app outside the App Store for development.

I have configured everything for triggering the build under the ‘package’ section on the ionic dashboard and can download the .ipa but how do I download the .plist? Or how can I generate it another way? I created a basic hand built one and it works fine for installing my app on an iPad using a simple link like:

<a href="itms-services://?action=download-manifest&url=https://mydomain/myapp.plist">My App</a> 

but the install doesn’t ask for or grant the appropriate permissions for native feature access.

Please forgive my ignorance if I’ve missed something obvious here.


As far as I know this is not possible. You might want to request that via