How do I display a splash image whilst my app is loading?

When I create an app using

ionic start myTestApp

I see a set of default iOS and Android splash screen and icon images are automatically generated and placed in


So I would expect to see one of these displayed during the app loading phase, but the phone screen remains white until the first of my ionic pages is displayed. I know how to show an Ionic splash screen once the app has finished installing and has started running (and display one of the splash images within it at that point) but that’s too late - I would expect that one of these splash images should appear automatically during the loading phase - and prior to the point at which the app starts running.

I am testing using the Ionic DevApp on an iPhone 8 Plus.

The Ionic DevApp won’t display your splash screen, since your app is hosted within another app.

If you want to see your splashscreen you will need to compile and load your application directly.

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That’s great - many thanks