How do I create a menu bar like you see on ionic javascript doc pages?


I am just starting with ionic. In my app I have a top level process and subprocess selection. How do I build something like that? Header seems to have place only for 2 buttons and a title.

This is what I am thinking: Create a menu bar with

  • a button on left that shows a side menu on left - it works
  • a “…” button on right that shows a menu like user preferences (timezone, decimal style, action filters, etc.) - how?
  • have two texts - one showing current process and a second one showing subprocess within the process selected. On tapping the process, user should see a dropdown to select process… on process selection, user shown relevant subprocess list and must select a subprocess.

I am stuck for lack of ideas on how to get this done. My current desktop app is using something different – bootstrap.

Thanks a lot