How Do I Combine Views (UI)?


Since I’m a little weak with Javascript and still learning Angular.
I’m having trouble trying to combine a couple of UI’s, not all at once of course.
Let me explain what I’m trying to do.

I have a sidemenu and I want to add a swipe card page when I tap on the swipe page in my menu. See my image below.

Having problem wrapping my head around how Angular does things, so any pointers & tips would be appreciative.


I am not sure I understand what You are trying to do. Can You explain more?

As far as the title of Your post (How do I combine Views) -> here is the link to the Wiki about Angular Router and how to nest one view in another.


So in other words, lets say I have the sidemenu as you see in the picture. When I tap (click) on the “swipe” list. This would take me to the Swipe page.

Instead of seeing a blank page with Swipe on it, you would see the “We’re In” page.

On this “we’re in” page is where I would like to have this swipable card page.


I think all You need to do here is set up your states in the routeProvider (the plugin that I mentioned in my previous answer) and then just use:

<a ui-sref="we-re-in-page">Swipe</a>


Thnx for the suggestions.

Hats off to @andrewmcgivery - he gave me a sample on codepen

Yeh, this is what I was trying to accomplish.
This will help me develop more functions into the app.
Though I like that ionic shows you one application, but doesn’t really go into tying it into others.

Being green in Angular kind of helps to see how to combine different functionality in an app.


Glad I could be of assistance. :slight_smile: