How do I check/set Android webview settings


How would I set the following in Ionic (version 3) Android build:


Any help pointing me in the right direction would be highly appreciated.


If this is possible, it would be a configuration in the config.xml for Cordova.


Thanks for the reply Sujan

After a few hours looking into this I have just found out that the Ionic page on App Preferences is the thing to use - was able to fetch both settings and confirm they were set to true.


Can you please provide the config.xml code that you have written for the same?
@Sujan12 same question to you too please.

Do we need to use this plugin : “” ?


Sorry ng22792 It been so long ago I have completely forgotten what and why I needed it.
I did a search in my old Ionic files for the plugin but nothing came up. That would suggest that for whatever reason I stopped using that section of code and did everything the IONIC way.

perhaps you could say what the problem is.