How do I centerize the tab's icon when there is no text name in the tab


How would I centerize the tab’s icon when there is no text underneath it?


It should do that in the default case, take a look here:


Hmm, I dont know where is toggle to disable the text for tabs icon so it will make it to centerize…
Its not centerize as you see above.

  <!-- Map Tab -->
  <ion-tab title="" icon-off="ion-map" icon-on="ion-map" href="#/tab/map">
	<ion-nav-view name="tab-map"></ion-nav-view>

  <!-- Fun Tab -->
  <ion-tab title="" icon-off="ion-beer" icon-on="ion-beer" href="#/tab/fun" 
    <ion-nav-view name="tab-fun"></ion-nav-view>


oh it is just this

I had to remove



I told you it was easy :smile: