How display $scope.User data in console?

in controller I have code:

.controller(‘MyAccountCtrl’, function($scope,$http,BaseURL,$localStorage) {
var OnUserComplete=function(response) {
console.log($scope.User.User[0].CC); /* how can display value “$scope.User.User[0].CC”??? */

I try “$scope.User.User[0].CC”, “$User.User[0].CC”, “$scope.User.CC”, … but no success.
I have error “Cannot read property ‘User’ of undefined” or “undefined” (or similar).
But if I use:


it display whole “scope” object, including “User”, “User[0]” and its atributtes “CC” also.
But I need having dispaly only “CC” value.
Pls some tips or ideas?

in ur view just use {{User.A}}, {{User.B}}. but can i know how many user that u get when u call
var OnUserComplete=function(response) {