How can you disable nav-bar for particular views?

Some screens (views) do not require the nav-bar title.

With this structure of index.html:

<body ng-app="sportcial">
<ion-nav-bar class="bar-positive" align-title="center">
<ion-tabs class="tabs-positive">
	<ion-tab icon="ion-home" ui-sref="home">
		<ion-nav-view name="home"></ion-nav-view>
	<ion-tab icon="ion-person" ui-sref="profile">
		<ion-nav-view name="profile">

And one of the views (the rest are the same):

<ion-view title="Sign-In">
<ion-content padding="true" id="content-area">
	<div class="list">
		<label class="item item-input">
			<span class="input-label">Email</span>
			<input type="text" ng-model="">
		<label class="item item-input">
			<span class="input-label">Password</span>
			<input type="password" ng-model="user.password">
	<div class="padding">
		<button class="button button-block" ng-click="signIn(user)">Sign-In</button>
		<p class="text-center">
			<a class="forgot-password" href="#/forgot-password">Forgot password</a>

For example, I don’t need nav-bar title for sign-in page… Is there a way to remove it?

If you don’t need a view-title for a certain view, you can just not give it a view-title attribute.

In my case I don’t need the bar either taking my space…

Then you can use the hide-nav-bar attribute on the view.