How Can we use firebase API for showing ionic 3 application new update is available pop-up?

I am working on an R&D. I followed few blogs but can not find exact what I am looking for.

I am having a ionic 3 android application where I used cordova-plugin-fcm-with-dependecy-updated and @ionic-native/fcm


  1. Whenever I update new version on playstore old user will get pop-up ‘New version is available please update’ by alertControll.

Expecting Solution for this:

  1. Along with firebase notification we will get updated app version to check which version of application user using right now, is old then show pop-up else no need.
  2. We can write respecting code in app.component.ts so whenever user open app, respective firebase code will fetch app version and process further.

I hope my question is clear for all any suggestion will be helpful :slight_smile:


I dont think Firebase has the APIs to provision new web assets for a hybrid app. Maybe you want to check the Ionic AppFlow suite of goodies?

But I could be wrong, maybe it can fully provision iOS/Android binaries?