How can i use this jquery in my ionic page.ts?


$(".Rtable–stripe .Rtable-cell").each( function() {
var order = $(this).attr(“style”).match(/order\s*:\s*\d/g)[0].replace(/order(\s*):(\s*)/,"");
if(order % 2 === 0) $(this).addClass(“is-striped”);
Please provide steps or document that i should be looking for, thanks!


Don’t use jQuery in an Angular page. If you want to use jQuery in Ionic, wait until version 4 is released, and then don’t use Angular with Ionic.


Hm ok im tryng to make a flexbox table in my app to avoid using html tables, do u happen to have any material to link me on how to make one without jquery? Thanks for the advice anyway


The ion-grid component was updated recently with a lot of features. I don’t know what you need, but if you haven’t checked out ion-grid, it’s worth a read.