How can I upgrade to Ionic 3 from this Ionic2-Electron template?


I’ve been using the following Ionic2-Electron template.

I’ve been following the upgrade instructions from the changelog, however it fails with this template.

I changed the package.json file, npm installled packages and followed the other instructions. Currently, I’m getting the following error.

GitHub\hdui\src\app\main.ts was not found.

However, I don’t have a src folder, I have a hdui\app\main.ts (which I copied from my app.ts, which I hope is the same thing).

Is there a way to change the path Ionic looks for the main.ts file? This would be one of the first problems I have.

Any help is really appreciated!

(Note, I’m trying to upgrade to 3.0 first, afterwards I’ll upgrade to 3.5).


This template is using "ionic-angular": "2.0.0-beta.10",. Back in the day the file and folder structure was a bit different. You could go through all the changelogs, but that sounds really painful.

I think you might be faster (and more successful) if you just create a new project, and implement the “electron” bits.
There were also several other projects that got Ionic and Electron working, maybe one of those is more current?

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Thanks! I ended up doing just that! Followed an Ionic2+Electron tutorial which also works for Ionic 3 and then copied my source code and modified where changes were necessary.

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