How can i make the screen view resizable?

I am using the latest ionic build and phoegap. I am trying to make a messaged app and I am having a problem with the keyboard. I have a input inside the footer of the view, when it comes into focus the keyboard pops up and pushes the whole view up. How can I prevent it from pushing it up and instead resize it so that the footer is right above the keyboard?

I figured out that there was a directive I need to add. Im not sure how to delete this question.

Was it the keyboard-attach directive? I’m going to keep this open since it will help others who are having the same issue.

It was. I first attempt to google which gave me different results for older version of ionic and phone gap.

Is there a way to make the transition smoother with this? It looks like the footer is moving to where the keyboard is expected to stop instead of animating with it.

You could always close the keyboard, then change states.

$scope.submitForm = function(){
//Some form submission stuff here

  $timeout( function(){
  }, 100);


Then have a button

<button class="button" ng-click="submitForm()">Submit</button>

Well I was talking more about the how the footer with the input “jumps” to the location where the keyboard will stop when the input comes into focus. It would be nice to make the footer animate with the keyboard as it slides up instead of the immediate jump.

Ah I see what you mean.

Best bet would be to open an issue for this.