How can I make a view remember the current tab


I’m making an app in which it is possible to redirect to one page from lists in different tabs. However, in app.js, a tab needs to be defined for the view:

            .state('tab.event-detail', {
                url: '/event-detail/:eventId',
                views: {
                    'klasgroepen-tab': {
                        templateUrl: 'templates/event-detail.html',
                        controller: 'EventDetailController'

How to reuse the same detail page accross different tabs
Ion tabs: how to remember which tab needs to be opened when going back

What do you mean by “remember” it? As in, “I was on a tab and navigated away to a new view and then hitting the back button takes me back to the tab view”?


Indeed, now I have event-detail page which is accessible from a list in different tabs. However always the same tab is active despite the fact it is possible a user is redirected from another tab.


I’m not sure how to get this to work myself. It primarily is a ui-router issue.

There’s an old topic on the same matter. Remember tab on back button tap

@adam Can you give us a heads up on how to make this work now?


Any updates on this topic since the release of the beta?


Any updates? This seems to be a common problem with no obvious answer.