How can I install a plugin prior to version 3.0 of ionic native, bone 2.x?

Hi everyone, I know: are you still using 2.4.1 native? . It was a project that was launched last year and for reasons of time we have not migrated to the latest version, when I give npm install plugin@version less than 3.0 it does not install the plugin. npm says that it is not available only from the 3 up, so I wonder there is a way to get it installed?
to be specific the plugin that does not work is $ npm install --save @ ionic-native/push
but there are several that are not admitted either

So pre-3.0 all of the plugins were bundled together into ionic-native, rather than split like we’re accustomed to now (such as @ionic-native/push or @ionic-native/status-bar).

So I believe what you want is:
npm i ionic-native