How can I implement Wake on Lan?

I want to implement Wake on Lan on an app.
I tried to install wake_on_lan package and @types/wake_on_lan, but when built it said that it couldn’t find the module ‘dgram’. Also tried with the ‘wol’ package, but couldn’t find its typescipt definitions, although it probably wouldn’t have worked because it also uses the dgram module.

I found this discussion which says: “The package Bonjour has a DatagramPlugin which require dgram to function properly. In Ionic 2 this package is not available. The solution is to use the Native Zeroconf package as an alternative.”

Then i found this package which has little to no documentation and as a newbie to Ionic and js itself I have no idea of how to use it and if its possible to mix it up with the wake_on_lan package to replace the dgram module this package requires.