How can I have a large preview when uploading an existing image from phone, using Cordova camera plugin?

Hi, I’ve been developing a photo related application. In this app, users can upload photos by taking them or choosing existing ones from the photo library.
I’m using Cordova camera plugin and it works pretty well but I faced some problems.
When choosing an image from a photo library in phone, users cannot see pictures in a large view, they can only see small ones from a grid (in ios). I want users to preview a picture in a large view by selecting it and decide whether they want to upload it or not.

Is there any way that I can achieve this?

Thanks a lot in advance.

do not upload it diectly --> you can get base64 string or filepath from the plugin --> show the image in an ionModal (you can add - if you want - ion-scroll with pinch to zoom functionality), if you close the modal our click on a button --> upload it

Hey, bengtler.

Thanks a lot. I didn’t think of this way.
I am using the destinationType, NATIVE_URI to read EXIF data but I got it to work using cordova file plug in.

Thanks !