How Can I download Ionic 2?

Hello I would to know how can I get the full version of Ionic 2?
Since I just started to programm in Ionic would you recommend me that I start with two?
What do you think about react? React is also a good option?

With regards to how to get it, go here. I personally like Ionic 2 quite a bit better than Ionic, but Ionic 2 is still in a somewhat unstable state so you might have better experience starting with a 1.x release. I have not used React, you’ll need to research that separately to determine what framework is best for you. I’m pretty sure that Angular 2 and React can play together, which would mean that Ionic 2 and React should as well, so the two may not be mutually exclusive.

swarner pointed out the link to the installation instructions. You don’t want to ‘download’ Ionic, you install it which makes upgrading to the latest version far easier.

Regarding React, I’ve only played with it, never built anything of consequence. I do prefer Angular 2 to React for a couple reasons. One, I feel the syntax is clearer and easier to understand, and two, I like that Angular is a complete framework and not simply a view library. Angular gives you all you need to build great web apps, Ionic extends that to building great mobile apps. WIth React you have to use additional libraries in order to achieve the same thing, this could be a positive if you have strong preferences or specific requirements, but thus far Angular 2 and Ionic 2 have not left me wanting in any way!

As far as choosing between Ionic 1 and 2, if like me you’re working on an app that won’t be released until later in the year I think it would be crazy to not use version 2. I know I personally will not be building an Ionic 1 app again.